Mari Jacintho

Keyboard player, born May 1991 in Jaú, São Paulo. She began her musical training at age 9 in the church, where she was taught by her friend Henrique Garcia, guitarist. Then he went looking for improvements, with determination and a lot of willpower, where he expanded his knowledge and techniques to gain his space in the musical world. Today she is a studio musician working with recordings both in her Home Studio (recording via the internet across the country) and in studios where she is required. Endorsee of the brands Casio, Santo Angelo, Ibox and Tokaivai, Mari continues to conquer space with her work.

Began his musical training at 9 years

Among his many works in the secular milieu with producers Fernando Zor, Dudu Borges, Neto Schaefer, William dos Santos, Henrique Garcia, Emil Shayeb, Thiaguinho Iacanga, among others.

Works performed in 2015: Acoustic DVD 2015 “So Happy” by Marcos e Belutti, Sophia Abrahão CD, Bruno and Marrone’s new song, among others.

In the gospel environment, he worked with some producers such as Melk Carvalhedo, Henrique Oliveira, Jairinho Mornings, Ron Barbosa, Ed Oliver, Josley Rutkoski, among others;

He also accompanied Gospel singers such as Cassiane, Soraya Moraes and Dany Grace.

Today has a gospel band, @libertyoficial, formed together with their friends and brothers who grew up together and are living the same dream: Henrique Garcia, Emerson Garcia, Danilo Rubio, Tom Galvao.

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Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil
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