Social and environmental

Research and evidence show that today’s economic and cultural models are unsustainable, therefore there is a rising movement of conscientization and search for solutions to take humanity to a more balanced and fair future. Keeping this context in mind, IBOX has adopted a challenging posture: being a positive impact company.

We believe that our existence will help make the environment and society better. We want to leave a positive social, environmental, economic and cultural impact. Therefore, going beyond reducing and neutralizing the negative impacts of our activities.

The social and environmental politic has the objective to benefit the preservation of the environment and the society, valuing and performing effective actions, such as:

  • · To comply with the legislation and to keep in conformity with norms and environmental requests that can be applied to our field.
  • · To continuously perfect the processes, aiming the search for reduction of residues and the emission of polluting agents.
  • · To promote the collaborators and employees’ conscientization and the suppliers’ involvement in relation to preserving the environment.
  • · To establish and to monitor the environmental objectives and goals, to evaluate our progress, in the sense of reducing and neutralizing the significant impacts.