Since when he was a kid, Guto already “enthralled” with the guitar! The sound of the instrument moved directly to the kid! Unfortunately at the time, everything was very difficult and it took a long time until he wins a acoustic guitar from his parents, to start  playing the first notes. The problem was that the acoustic guitar had no grace. His demand was by distorted sounds, wich only a electric guitar could offer. After a few years, the day is finally here! Was a guitar and a amplifier used, but who cared. Began the day an eternal passion!

With the passage of time came the classes, courses, new equipament, bands and sure the profession more rewarding in the world: be a musician!


Studied piano and acoustic guitar(popular and classical styles) in Conservatório Carlos Gomes (Marília-SP), guitar in Tema Centro Musical (Marília-SP) and also in IG&T (São Paulo-SP) graduating in Fusion, besides having participated in numerous workshops, clinics, classes and courses.

He was influenced by various guitarrists, especially for Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai and the great Brazilian Guitar Hero: Wander Taffo.

He studied with the great musicians, such as: Márcio Okayama, Kiko Loureiro, Mozart Mello, Steve Morse, Wesley Caesar, Paulo Estevão and Décio Leite.

He already had the honor of sharing the stage with: Robson Miguel, Juninho Afram, Sidney Carvalho, Kiko Loureiro, Serginho Carvalho, Duda Neves, Joe Moghrabi, Lyba Serra, Paulinho Sorriso, William Campos, Richard Powell, Fabio Augusto, among others.

guto_de_boer001Participated in events with: Frank Gambale, Tiago Della Vega, Kiko Loureiro, Faiska and Richard Powell.

Wrote lessons for the sites of brands: Tagima and Warm Music.

He was coordinator and professor of CM&T and of the Foco Musical, EM&T(São Paulo-SP) authorized schools.

In 2014, founded the De Boer Guitar Class, the first specialized classroom of Marília and region, in partnership with Garage Studio.

In addition to teaching clinics and workshops.

Participes in specialized fairs and events, such as: Tagima Dream Team, Expomusic, Tagima na Estrada and Feira da Música do Interior de São Paulo.

Is Mother Foca’s (blues ‘n roll) guitarist, in addition to having a solo instrumental music.

Endorser of brands: Tagima (guitars), JC Luthier (adjustaments), Solez (strings), Ferez (picks), Ibox (straps) Borne(amps) and Mac (cables).

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