IBOX 30 Years – Get to know the details of our History


IBOX is proud to have achieved the Pearl Jubilee, a company that started with the effort of a humble and simple man, whom was able to see the adversities of the musicians from that time and started developing solutions to aid them. The first products were the “x” keyboard stands and the sales were made only for some of the musicians that knew and indicated the products from it’s founder. Soon, Mr. Ismael got known as “Mr. Ismael Box”, because of the letters he’d put on the acoustic amps cabinets. The name IBOX came later, by force of habit, became “Mr. Ibox”.Imagem-digitalizada-112560011

Based on Bauru-SP, the company’s history is connected with the history of one of the most awarded corporations of the São Paulo state between the seventies and the nineties; The Marcial Band of the Liceu Noroeste de Bauru-SP that, like defined by the own founder: “IBOX started there in that instrument and band equipment maintenance room”, for in that time Mr. Ismael worked in that institution.

Years passed by and the company kept growing and blunting like a reference in the making of stands for musical instruments, the partnership with artists allowed an ascension to national level, for where IBOX arrived it was well recieved and its products delighted the consumers. The company kept growing and added more products to its portfolio, the straps and bags, yet always with the premise of making quality products.Imagem digitalizada 112560012

Today the company is consolidated in the national market like a quality and safety reference in the music field. The company keeps its roots and always remembers where it came from to always remember where it wants to go; near you on stage.

Trust and enjoy the products of those who have much experince in the field and saw the music field develop, for only those who have 30 years of history can assure that your instrument is going to be protected while you enjoy the sucess of your hard work.