Marcos Pópolo was born in São Paulo, he is a guitar player, composer and co-founder of Guitarisma Institute.

In the early years, Marcos started becoming interested in music by his father’s (J. Roberto Pópolo) influence . At the age of 8 he used to sing Italian songs (Neapolitan songs) and occasionally used to do amateur performances at Italian cantinas in São Paulo city, learning, from a young age, to deal with the Palco (Italian stage).

At 14, he began to get interested in guitar, having distinct influences such as the English band Deep Purple and the Brazilian band from Minas Gerais ,14 Bis.
His studies originally began at the old TOK school in Bauru with teacher Chico. Eventually, Marcos began to take private lessons from teacher Edson Lallo. Edson’s teaching model encouraged him to opt for the Teaching career.

At 16, Pópolo began to develop his studies in a self-taught way. The passion for the instrument was  so strong that the hours that he spent studying started to call his friends’ attention, who happened to become his first students.

In 1993 , Marcos and some friends created the cover band “Cavalo Morto”. In the next year he left the band to join another band, Kara de Anjo which worked with compositions only.


After recording some projects with Kara de Anjo , he finally decided to register his songs in a CD, which several guests participated, guests that in someway had an important role during his whole musical career.

The Rock and Roll World CD (1997), was one of the first solo albums recorded by a countryside guitar player. It made headlines in many media spots because of its innovative proposal  and by the compositions from a 23 year old guitarist at that time.

In 1998 he restarted his studies with  the most renowned guitar teacher in the country, Teacher Mozart Mello. He had studied with Mozart for 5 years.popolo03

In 2000 he graduated by IG&T (even after being graduated, Marcos kept up with the studies with teacher Mozart until the year of 2003) in São Paulo.

Also in 2000, Marcos founded Instituto Guitarisma within his friend Mr. Fabian.

In 2003 he rejoined the band Cavalo Morto for a short time, in reason to record a memorial CD of 10th year old anniversary of the band.

In 2009 he took part in the project “Rock Brazuca”, that brought together great names of guitarists all along the country that were supposed to play the exact same song in a video linked on the internet.

In the beginning of 2012 he joined the collection “Guitarras Vol.6” –  project which usually gathers the best guitar players of Brazil.popolo04

In February 2014, released the album “Let Yourself Go”.

The Guitar Player Brasil magazine has released along with the issue # 222, October 2014, the CD “Electric DNA! VOL1” with big names of Brazilian guitar from the fifties until now.

The disc includes the participation of Mozart Mello, Edu Ardanuy, Kiko Loureiro, Heraldo do Monte, Armandinho, Robertinho do Recife, Faíska, André Cristovan, among others, and also brings Marcos Pópolo, as one of representatives of today’s guitar.

Follow the website: http://www.marcospopolo.com/


Marcos Pópolo also writes for the brazilian version of the traditional american magazine Guitar Player and records videos with guitar lessons and tips for the magazine’s website.  www.guitarplayer.com.br

Marcos has a very popular fanpage on Facebook , subscribed by lots of people all over the country : www.facebook.com/MarcosPopolo 

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